@RebeccasOffice Recaps 2017 and Welcomes you to 2018

I hope you all had a great holiday season. I am just settling in to the new year and my work. For me the 2017 holiday season was a little different than in years past now that I have a new living arrangement. Holiday celebrations were different and with different people. All of 2017 was like that. Everything was a bit of a first for me. I had done things pretty much one way for the last 20+ years but now with my new man in my life and all the changes of 2017 behind me, I am ready to push forward with 2018. We tried so many new things in 2017 so I am happy that some of them we will make even better in 2018. So what was New Years Eve like for me? Well I hope you will enjoy these photos taken just after the ball dropped in New York. After the photos, my boyfriend surprised me and said we were going to a party to celebrate the Pacific Time Zone New Year.

You all probably think that with my new life that I went crazy on New Year’s Eve. I actually was trying to keep it quiet. My boyfriend told me he wanted to spend a quiet evening at home alone, get me drunk and take advantage of me! Jokingly I said okay, but after celebrating the East Coast New Years Eve with a kiss, he took out his camera and wanted to document our first true New Year’s Eve as a couple. I told him I thought it was going to be a quiet NYE? He laughed and said our East Coast NYE was quiet, but that West Coast NYE would end with his cock deep inside me! We would later go out to a party after taking some naughty photos CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW A SLUT RINGS IN THE NEW YEAR.

Hey there! Just a quiet start to the New Year, right?

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