@RebeccasOffice Mystery Employee of The Month Update

We’ve been getting lots of questions about an ex-employee of Rebecca’s Office. We were actually wondering what happened to her. But a couple of weeks ago she reached out to us for help. She told us that after she left us, she had gone out and gotten into some trouble and that she was being stalked. She had gotten herself in some trouble and decided to go into hiding and moved away. She says that living life in isolation has been so quiet and lonely. She misses all of the fans who adored her and that she met over the years. But she is living in hiding and wants to let us all know that she is okay and wants you to know why she ran away from the business. We have to say, she is one beautiful girl and was very sought after. We are glad she has straightened out her life and has found peace. So we agreed to show some of her sexy work from her time before she joined Rebecca’s Office and nominate her as Employee of the Month.

Let this be a cautionary tale of what happens when you move to Los Angeles. It is a big world out there. Let our friend tell you about her life and catch you up on what it is she is doing to make sure that she can escape and live the rest of her life in peace. We are actually quite amazed at the transformation she has made. We don’t even think we’d recognize her is we saw her in public. CLICK HERE AND REAQUAINT YOURSELF WITH ONE OF REBECCA’S SEXIEST EX-EMPLOYEES

Rebecca’s Office respects the privacy of her employees

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