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Is Summer getting too hot for you? Well I have a good friend I will call PR. PR is a Hollywood video producer for big films and became a fan of the site many years ago and we had chatted online. He had been bugging me for years and then suddenly we met by happenstance while on vacation and he invited us along to see his winter cabin. At some point he told me I needed to do a Winter Update. I was a little skeptical and he said he would make sure that I we would be discrete and that he just loved good images and he liked the artistry of my pictures and that he could take it to a new level to make my photos “pop”! So for the last several years he would convince me and his wife Christine to goof around in the snow and take photos. I figured that if she was okay with it, than so would I. He showed me how he used green screens and also played with lighting.

Well, let me tell you, there were some chilling and embarrassing moments here. I am an adventurous girl so of course, I was game. Kneeling in the snow and ice on the nipples sure can create some erect moments. Let me know what you think!

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Was it a long Winter for you?
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My friends and I want to celebrate the beginning of Summer.
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Come along and let’s melt that chill off your body.
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Skiing, skating or boarding? Which do you prefer?
What would it take for you to take off all your clothes and make snow angels? I can tell you one thing. If you were silk stockings and kneel in the snow, it does not help. In fact, getting silk stockings wet is a very bad thing! I do have to thank all my Burning Man friends who loved the snow enough to invite us to go naked snow boarding for Pride weekend! One more thing. I’d rather have frozen nipples rather than a frozen penis. CLICK HERE AND FREEZE YOUR BOOTY WITH ME girlfriend and wife porn from radmediaxxxx.com
Well follow me and the winter adventures of my photographer, PR.

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