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Hi, this is Rebecca’s boyfriend! We asked Rebecca’s members on Twitter and they said they want to see the “Real Rebecca”. The woman who became Rebecca. The Rebecca that I fell in love with and I wake up to almost every morning. Not the Rebecca you see on the pages of RebeccasOffice.com. They want to see and hear about what she is like when she is not here on the internet. I get it. To be honest, what makes Rebecca so sexy is the woman that you all never have gotten to see. So this week you are going to see the PG –rated Rebecca. Do you still find her sexy? People want to see what she really looks like at work, on vacation, after work, at the grocery store, etc. The non-glamorous life. It took some begging and talking but Rebecca has agreed to show you her “good” side which helps you better understand how lucky any man in her life really is.

So you think you know Rebecca? Well you will really get to know her now and what she looks like every day. Find out what really makes her tick! Now you will know what she truly looks like in public and when you are walking down the street you will know if you see her. Did you know that ever since she opened her doors, she has only been recognized once in public. I told Rebecca that she will see if people like her as well as the woman on these pages. I find her even sexier, Don’t you? CLICK HERE TO SEE MY HOT GIRLFRIEND.

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If you ever see a woman wearing a dress like this to work, this is one of Rebecca’s favorite dresses
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pretty earlier and wears sensible clothing and shoes
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She has a wonderful summer home that I visited with her.
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She doesn’t even wear bikinis to the beach

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