@RebeccasOffice Answers Two Big Mysteries this Week

This week’s pictorial answers two major questions about Rebecca’s World and Rebecca’s Office. The first questions asks if blonde’s have more fun. Well you will get a third party perspective on that question and quite frankly you can let us know what you think. Blonde or Brunette? Or maybe the question should ask if the carpet matches the drapes? Does it need to? The second question asks a more serious one about why Rebecca and Al are no longer together. It isn’t the main reason, but it is why things got started in that direction and helps you understand a little bit more about how they decided not to stay together.

This information is not for public consumption and thus the material is only being revealed in the member area for true followers of Rebecca. You will read about it in all the captions in the pictorial.

(Warning: When you read the captions just remember the disclaimer from an old TV show: “Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are about to read is true, but the names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent.”)

So let us tell you a tale. We have left this all up to a special guest to tell you the story as it involves them and they know the story better than anyone else. She is the center of the answer to both questions and we hear that you will be quite entertained. CLICK HERE, SIT BACK AND READ SOMETHING WE ARE SURE YOU DIDN’T KNOW. WE ARE SURE YOU WILL BE RIVETED TO YOUR SEATS.

Do blondes have more fun? Well that is a question I will answer.

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